Amita Kaur

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S.H.I.E.L.D. Personel-files Eagle.png For Your eyes only

Name:Amita Kaur
ClearanceClass 0
BirthplaceEast LondonMilitary RankCivilian
Aliases--OriginBrittish Citizen

Miss Evan's pregnant girlfriend. We need more information.

Amita grew up the unexpected and unwished for daughter of a low-caste family working for the brittish consulate in India. Ewen worse, the father was probably one of the diplomats, which might have explained the family's raise in pay as well as their move to England. Her estranged relation with her own family certainly makes Alice the most important person in he life, followed by Sir James Holloway at the brittish consulate whom has been treating her like her daughter.

She likes the color green, especially in darker shades and wears it to great effect. While she enjoys spicy food in general she loathes curry as it reminds her about her rather unhappy relations with her family.

She likes animals, but has a very pragmatical outlook on them.

She can be somewhat greedy when it comes to material comforts, but generally her warm nature will over-ride these impulses. Sometimes she will go far away inside her own mind, escpaing the real world into more fantastic ones inside books and movies.

The pregnancy... was not Amita's idea. She could have lived out her life without ever having to change a diaper, but Alice wants a child. And whatever Alice does want, Amita is willing to give her up to and maybe even including her own life.