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Ars Magica is the principal game system that we use.


Ars Magica has a few unique items that works for it, one of which is the magic system that is possibly the most flexible and powerful one ever written. The second is the Wild Die.

House-rules in effect

Some Useful Ars Magica Tables

Damage Calculation

Your Stats and Derived Stats

A Arm Skills list is in the works. Also there shall be a comprahensive Virtues and Flaws list

Hermetic Seal

Mythic America

Dreamwalking And Spiritwalking

Mythic Japan


Stats 9 pts
500 Xp + 3 / year

Tokugawa Shogunate 1603 - 1868

Super Powers

Basic Powers

House Rules

Alternate System for Training / XP gain

Falling Speed Calculation
Combat System
Writing Books
Studying Books
Research from books
Combat Options
The Force, a plugin for playing StarWars with Arm
Sci-Fi weapons a plugin for playing StarWars with Arm
Armour of many kinds.
Lightsaber Styles
Martial Arts
Ships for SW under Arm
Morale When does a character or a troop break?
Toughness and Penetration Rules about arms and armour really
Vehicle Chases

Hand to Hand Styles

Ars Magica/Star Wars More specifics about Ars Magica and Star Wars as a combination.

Arms, Equipment... and other useful items

WW II mugshots
Ars Magica/Fantasy Beastiary
Ars Magica/Wheel of Time Beastiary
Ars Magica/Generic Beastiary
Ars Magica/Medieval Beastiary
Ars Magica/Modern Beastiary
Ars Magica/Undead Beastiary
Ars Magica/X-com Beastiary
Ars Magica/Star Wars/Beastiary
Ars Magica/Star Wars/Mug Shot Gallery
Star Wars Gear
Ars Magica/Mug Shot Gallery
Ars Magica/Modern Mug Shot Gallery
Some weapons to use

Arms and Equippment of Different settings

Weapons of WW 2

Weapons of Post apocalypse

Character Sheets


The official 5th edition Ars Magica character sheet from Atlas Games.


File:Ars Magica Charsheet Sans Pre.pdf

File:Ars Magica Character Sheet.psd
The updated multilayer version
Ars Magica Character Sheet.png

Somewhat about the Weapons used