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Current Campaigns
Campaign's Page Start Year Current Year End Year RL Start RL End Status Players GM Setting
A tale of three towns 1635 1635 Sep 2013 ??? Active Amy, Ida Oberoten Historical
Mass Effect 2130 2133 2133 July 2013 Active Richard Oberoten Sci-Fi
The SHIELD campaign 2012 2013 Feb 2012 Active Amy, Stuffer, Zen, Richard, Vicktor, Ida Oberoten Marvel
Wheel of time 3000 Atd 3000 AtD Sep 2013 Active Amy Oberoten Fantasy
No longer active
Campaign's Page Start Year Current Year End Year RL Start RL End Status Players GM Setting
1629 Magdenburg 1629 1630 July 2011 Dormant Amy Oberoten Historical
1632 1632 1632 March 2011 ??? Finished Amy, Richard, Vicktor, Stefan Oberoten Ring of Fire
1640 1617 1624 June 2013 Dormant Amy, Richard, Le Victor Oberoten Classic Arm
A Duet of Regret 15 BBoY 15 BBoY July 2012 Sep 2012 Finished Amy, Zen Oberoten Star Wars
Black Forest 1617 1624 June 2012 July 21 - 2012 Finished Amy, Richard, Zen Oberoten Classic Arm
Fey Campaign 1850 1850 Dormant Amy Oberoten Classic Arm
GCPD 1990 1991 July 2011 Finished Amy,Zen, Stuffer, Richard Oberoten DC
HP VII - Wake of the Marauders 1975 1976 2012 ?? Finished Zen, Amy, Richard Oberoten HP-verse
Mandalorian Mayhem 13 BBoY 13 BBoY Sep 2012 ??? Finished Amy, Zen Oberoten Star Wars
Mercs - DC 2010 2011 2012 ??? Finished Amy, Richard Oberoten DC
Ottoman Empire 1514 1515 June 2012 ??? Dormant Amy, Zen Oberoten Classic Arm
Paranoia XP Aug 03 2012 Finished Amy Oberoten
Schwartzwaldt II 1800 1800 Dormant Amy, Richard, Zen, Vicktor, Stuffer. Oberoten Classic Arm
Sherlock Holmes I 1880 1880 March 2012 ??? Finished Amy, Richard, Zen Oberoten Victorian Era
Star Wars with a Twist 30 BBoY 30 BBoY Aug 2012 ??? Finished Oberoten Amy Star Wars
Thunder over France 1197 1197 September 2012 Finished Amy, Fibil, Saithan Oberoten Classic Arm
Uncanny X-Men 1974 1980 July 2011 Finished Zen, Amy, Richard, Stefan, Various Oberoten Marvel


Los Calderas

The Black Forest 1620


30 Year War -- 1632 the Second American Revolution


<timeline> ImageSize = width:800 height:2000 PlotArea = left:70 right:40 top:10 bottom:50 DateFormat = yyyy TimeAxis = orientation:vertical format:yyyy Period = from:1150 till:2018 AlignBars = justify

Colors =

 id:gray value:gray(0.7)
 id:lightsteelblue value:rgb(0.418, 0.609, 0.800)
 id:red value:rgb(0.9, 0.0, 0.0)
 id:white value:gray(1)
 id:grid1   value:gray(0.9)
 id:grid2   value:gray(0.88)

ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:10 start:1150 gridcolor:grid1 ScaleMinor = unit:year increment:5 start:1150 gridcolor:grid2

Define $dx = 20 # shift text to right side of bar Define $left = align:right shift:(-25,-5) Define $right = align:left shift:(25,-5)

PlotData =

bar:Europe color:blue from:1631 till:1633 shift:(25,10) text:Ring of fire
bar:Europe color:red from:1515 till:1515 $right text:Ottoman Empire 1515
 mark:(line, black)
 bar:Europe at:1522 text: Fall of Rhodes
bar:Europe from:1629 till:1629 shift:(25,-10) text:Magdenburg peasantry
bar:Europe from:1640 till:1641 text:Black Forrest 2
bar:Europe from:1197 till:1215 text:Languedoc Campaign
bar:Europe from:1617 till:1624 text:Black Forest Campaign
bar:Europe from:1975 till:1976 text:HP VII - Wake of the Marauders
bar:Europe from:1595 till:1595 text:Crusading Days
bar:Europe from:1800 till:1800 text:Schwartzwaldt II
bar:Europe from:1850 till:1850 text:Fey Campaign
bar:America width:15 from:1545 till:1550 text: Wynne and Childe.
bar:America from:1540 till:1550 text:Cuba, America Campaign, 1540
bar:America from:1532 till:1538 $left text:America Campaign, 1532
bar:America color:yellow from:1495 till:1530 $left text:Hermetic conquest of America
bar:America from:1974 till:1982 $left text:Xavier's school of Mutants
bar:America from:2010 till:2011 $left text:Amy's first Vampire Campaign
bar:America from:1800 till:1800 $left text:Amy's Western campaign
bar:America color:red from:1861 till:1864 Shift:(25,-5) width:30 text:American Civil War
bar:America from:1865 till:1865 $left text:Obe's Western Campaign
bar:Asia from:1487 till:1487 $left text:Japan 1487
bar:Asia color:yellow width:35 from:1603 till:1868 $left text:Tokugawa Shogunate
bar:Asia color:black at:1590 $left text: Tokugawa campaign Starts~In Europe