HP VII - Wake of the Marauders

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Patricia Eddings

Edward Eddings

Alexandra Carrow


Lukas Carrow

The Marauders

Gryffindors =

  • Sean Finnegan -- Snide Asshole, oppinionated.
  • Frank Longbottom -- Physically and mentally strong... Auror material out to the fingertips.
  • Alica McKinley -- Snogs Frank... a lot. Also? Is just as good Auror material.



Lucius Malfoy -- A very skilled and very ruthless young man.

Lukas Carrow - Alexandra Carrows older brother, he is in fifth year

Severus Snape



Rowan Molinas -- Ravenclaw's 'mystic' who wants to become a seer someday. Indulges in some strange practices but actually also gives good sensible advice.

Session 2012-02-21

What happened during the session 2012-02-21 (Harry Potter 7) Tricia Eddings = Amy Alexandra Carrow = Emma After the revelations of last session, Tricia and Alex focus a lot of their time on their studies, as midterms are coming up. Alex writes very good results on her midterms, the pressure from her families side driving her to perform admirably, and the students return home for the Christmas holiday.

At home Alex is greeted by the news that her father and mother has arranged for her to marry, Lucius Malfoy. Something she protests against, telling her father what has been happening at Hogwarts. Mr. Carrow who isn’t quite sure if he is to believe his daughters claims, informs her that he will be looking into it and when Alex continues to prompt that she shouldn’t be getting engaged to Malfoy, because he is already courting her cousin Narcissa Black. Her father then presents her with the choice of either accepting marriage with Lucius or with Tom Riddle, a family friend.

Alex is given four days, up until Christmas when she has to give her answer of who of the gentlemen she is going to be promised to. In a panic she excuses herself and goes to the Potters house to seek council form her friends who are straying there.

Well there Alex and Tricia and Lilly discus the fact that she has to choose between the two men, Tricia not knowing that Riddle is the other is mostly arguing against a marriage with Lucius. They also discuss what might happen if Tricia gets pregnant and if there would be puppies or human babies (?). Deciding that they need to go visit Peter Pettigrew to discuss with him how he knows that he is gay, they bring James and Sirius along.

A snowball fight happens, which quickly turns into a magic snow-walling duel and ends in Tricia and James dueling for each other’s wands. During this Sirius disappears in the snow, and Alex and Tricia have a moment of thinking that he has drowned before they are being snow-walled.

They arrive at Peter’s house and are greeted by an old ugly hunchback hag, who also smells funny. This person turns out to be Remus in disguise. When they are about to come inside the real hag, who is Peters aunt, Zelda Pettigrew, accuses Alex father of being the one who killed Peter’s father. They decide to leave for the pub. Alex leaves the accusation a little bit of a thought before turning it aside to more pressing matters.

At the pub they talk about what they are going to do, they also discuss Peter’s sexual orientation and find out that Peter was with Lucius because Lucius is a sexgod. And that Peter might not love James as in LOVE James, but more in the sense of admiring him and wanting to be him. The conclusion of the discussion finalizes in Tricia and Alex calling Narcissa and asking her to come and meet them because they need to discuss something with her.

Narcissa arrives and Alex and Tricia talk to her about how Mr Carrow wants Alex to marry Lucius where after Narcissa promptly threatens Alex with death if she would. Alexandra explains that she would never want to marry Lucius because she knows that she isn’t right for him, and that Narcissa being her cousin is in love with Malfoy, and she would never want to create bad blood between families. Tricia also realizes that it is Tom Riddle who is the other man and speaks in great details about what kind of (good) man he is, since she knows him from before. They conclude the meeting with Narcissa again threatening them but also telling them that she will take matters into her own hands.

Alex and Tricia return to the Carrow mansion, and Tricia is introduced to Lukas Carrow, Alexandra’s brother. They also find that there is a meeting in the saloon. Alex parents, the Malfoy family and the Black family, and Tom are there. Narcissa has dropped the news that she is carrying Lucius child and is staking claim to him. Mr. Malfoy is getting really upset, and so is Mrs. Black, Lucius is looking paler than usual.

Tom interrupts Mr. Malfoy’ growing rage by informing them that Lucius and Narcissa is a good match together and tell them that they should be a couple, which surprisingly makes Malfoy Senior shut up. Tom also announces his attention of marrying Alexandra, who agrees to the marriage.

Next day Lilly takes Tricia and Alex for their first visiting in the Muggle world. Which is fascinating and also a bit disturbing, when as the girls are shopping for Muggle clothes Tricia and Alex gets a firsthand encounter with Muggle racism (none of them off course, drawing parallels between the Muggle/Wizard racism and the White/Black racism). They proceed towards the park, taking a bus tour, and meeting up with the guys.

Peter and Remus, and Sirius and James are in the park when the girls find them. Remus starts telling James what a dick he is after Tricia informs them about the addition in her vocabulary, having learned a lot of Muggle curse words. James on the other hand starts defending his actions, saying that he isn’t afraid of Peter, but that he really is angry about Peter telling Alex that he loves her and then sleeping with Lucius. Alex is chocked by hearing this from James as she thought that no one else knew this. Apparently Snape overheard Peter and Alexandra talking in the hospital wing, he later told Lilly who told James.

Tricia confronts Alex about her feelings for Peter. Alex who is embarrassed claims that even if it did matter once, it can’t matter now as she has been promised in marriage to someone else. Tricia promptly pushing the point has Alex turning around leaving to avoid actually answering the question. The gang stops Alex from getting lost in the Muggle world and they decide to go to the movies watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which is premiering at the cinema (1975). Once going back from the movies they whiteness a car running over a man, Lilly runs out in the street to help him, and is saved by Alex from being run over by another car. Tricia stumbles and is about to be run over when Sirius uses a spell to knock her into safety. Establishing that the man is dead they quickly head back to the Potters.

Back at the Potters they are interviewed by an Auror, seeing as Sirius being underage used magic in a muggletick zone. He is set free with a warning that if it happens again he will be in great trouble. Christmas passes and on Christmas day they are attending mass. Everyone is there.

After mass they exit the church finding rows of cloaked figures wearing masks standing outside waiting. Alex notices that her father is missing, and just as she realizes that one of the cloaked men is the approximate same build as her father, the men fire of the killing curse killing the priest and the Minister of magic. It is revealed that the cloaked men in masks are called Deatheaters and that they are opposing the ministry’s policies about Muggle relations. -cut-