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Mundane Virtues
Name Cost Summary
Acidic Personality -2 Some people just don't work well with others...
Addicted to Magic -3, -5 The flow of magic is sweet... and it's lure is hard to resist.
Addiction -1 to -5 You are addicted to a substance
Allergic to Magic -2 / -4 You suffer from being inside a magical aura or present when spells are cast.
Arranged Marriage -3 You're being married away.
Baby Face -2 -3 to Social rolls to make people take you seriously. Often seen as CUTE instead of a real grown person
Bad Temper -2 You get -3 on willpower rolls when provoked.
Bald -1 to -2 You have lost your hair
Chubby -1 You're chubby. -15%
Club Foot -2 / -3 Halved movement.
Compulsion -1 to -3 You have a craving for some activity.
Cursed -1 to -5 You have some kind of cursed casted upon you.
Damaged Goods -1 You have a reputation of beeing damaged goods.
Enemy -1 to -5 Someone doesn't LIKE you very much
Misstaken Identity -1 / -2 / -3 / -4 You look VERY similar to someone more well-known.
Negative Ally -1 to -3 A person that is on your side but has a negative influence on you in any way.
Odious Personal Habbits -2 to -3 You have some strange and VERY disturbing habbits.
Orphan -2 You have lost your parents and no one else can take care of you.
Overprotected -1/level You are overprotected by your family or Friends. This can be due to you being clumsy and they don't see you fit for survival and to be on your own.
Phobias Variable A irrational fear of something
Poor -1 / Level Each level divides your money by 3
Prophecied Doom -2 The character knows that he is destined in a certain situation and hence gets to use NO confidence in such or similar situations.
Secret -1 to -4 You know something you must hide
Sexual Flypaper -2 People don't take you or anything you do seriously.
Sheltered Upbringing -3 You have lived a sheltered life and you do not know much about survival outside your own four walls.
Unlucky -2 You get -1 on all luck-rolls.
Weakness -1 or -2 You have a soft spot for something/some people.
Magus Virtues
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Vampiric Virtues
Name Cost Summary
Can't cross running water -3 You must be 50ft above or you can't cross running water.
Conspicuous consumption -4 You believe you must eat all the internal organs to feed properly
Disease carrier -4 You carry some sort of disease
Smell of the grave -1 You stink like a freshly dug grave
Thin blood -4 Your blood is inefficient
Unblinking vigil -1 Your eyes do not close, ever
Visage of death -2 You bear the stamp of death clearly
Weak-willed -3 Your will is weak
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