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I was looking though old hollorecordings and came across a couple of corrupted files. With skill and patience I managed to restore some of the content. This was what could be saved.

Forgotten files

File One

02:47 - Vara: "Mmm," Vara added a bit absentmindedly. "I guess you will have to teach me about politics."
02:47 - Vara: "My politics is just as good as my carpentry," she added sourly.
02:49 - Kayda: "Can I tell you a secret?" Kayda smiled slightly. "I'm not as good as politics as everyone thinks. I usually wing it, and most of the time it works. I suppose Takin was right, when he said that it’s in my blood." She mused into thoughtfulness. When she looked at her sister in law she added "Maybe you're right too. There is no running away from it? Maybe we were trully meant for it?" Then she frowned at her own voiced thoughts and said. "But I don't believe in that crap about destiny, I think we make our own destinies"

File Two

03:31 - Kayda: *hugs Vara* I can't really believe it.
03:34 - Vara: Vara hugged her sister tightly, smiling like a fool as she did. "I can't believe it either," she said. When she let go, she added "About a year ago, I would never have dreamt of being married." The female pulled her fingers through her short, brown hair. "Together with Rahn, yes. But not quite like this. Or well, maybe closer to TWO years ago."
03:36 - Kayda: Kayda's smile could rival that of her sister and she hugged her back just as tightly. "I know. I wish I could bottle happiness" She commented. "It should be illegal to be this happy".
03:39 - Vara: "Yeah," Vara said, amused. "And then break it open for a sad occasion. But I guess that is what you have holocrons for?"
03:41 - Kayda: "I wish this day could last forever." She told Vara. "I dont know what will happen in the future, with all of us. But I know that whatever we will be able to do it together" She gives Vara another hug. "Where did those boys run off to anyway?"

File Three

03:44 - Vara: Vara gave a chuckle and hugged back, she enjoyed to see Kayda in this good a mood. It made her happy as well. "I do not think they are ever as far away as we think," she said as she let her sister go and rolled her eyes in a very obvious way. "Maybe they are preparing a surprise? After all, it is so nice to just be the four of us since the wedding was so... Official. That, or they are out on 'Mandalore' business."
03:48 - Kayda: "I suppose we will have to have a talk about this once things settle down, won't we?" She asked her friend with serious eyes. Her good mood bottled for a moment. "I suppose it must be quite the shock for Rahn?"
03:50 - Vara: The other female gave a nod and rose a hand to scratch the top of her head. "Yeah. He... Always said he wanted to be more than just a farmboy but not like this," Vara confined to her sister. She looked at Kayda and asked. "You know how Veejay keeps teasing Rahn?" Without waiting for a answer, she added "Do you know what Rahn says every evening before going to sleep?"
03:55 - Kayda: Kayda shook her head, no she didn't know. She did however know that both the brothers could be relentless in their teasing about the other ones flaws, or perceived such. She herself had never grown up with siblings. Her closest reference was Liam and he had always been a cousin to her; her best friend as a child but she imagined that it wasn't the same thing as a real brother. "No?"
03:57 - Vara: Vara removed her hand from her head, not taking her eyes away from Kayda's. "Every night before he goes to sleep, after getting into bed, he adds to himself `I'm just a farmboy´. Every night he says that to himself. Even if we have..." Vara paused, blushing slightly as she did not know how to continue. She wanted to try to be more proper. "... Been together."
04:05 - Kayda: Kayda sighed and rubbed her neck with one hand, a gesture she had taken to herself when thinking about something that bothered her. "I know he loves him but he can be straight out tactless sometimes" She walked over the sofa and sat down. "I'm starting to wonder if the real reason Veejay won’t get along with my family is because he doesn't get along to well with his own" She looked up at her friend. " Do you know what I mean?"
04:08 - Vara: Vara nodded and followed her friend. "I understand," she said before sitting down nest to Kayda. "I think why Rahn takes it to himself so quickly and easily is because Veejay is his big brother." Vara leaned her elbow against the back of the backboard and leaned her head into her hand. "He really looks up too Veejay. I mean, he was four years old when Rahn was born."
04:12 - Kayda: "Always the big brother" Kayda mused leaning back in the sofa. "Do you think they will be awfully cross with me if I take of these boots? Sure they are comfortable but I think I might be getting a rash" She pulled her right leg up over her left and started unfastening the straps. She pulled of her boot and left it on the floor as she examined her heel.
04:14 - Vara: "Maybe you are just not used to them? Then again you have been wearing the armor more than I have," Vara said as she watched her sister. "Maybe you are having a allergic reaction to something?" She asked, and then gave a snort and a giggle. "Is this what they call Newlywed?"
04:21 - Kayda: Kayda laughed with her sister. "I don't feel much different from this morning, except the blister." She poked at it and made a face. "Ancestors, that actually hurts!" She took of her other shoe as well and wiggled her toes in the air. "Do you think every other newlywed has it like this?"
04:24 - Vara: "I guess. Its just us who does have annoying groo- husbands," Vara said with a smile as she rubbed her nose. "It feels nice to have it all over, though. I guess that is how most newlyweds feel. With the build-up before and the wedding nerves. Afterwards its done and then you can relax." She shrugged.
04:30 - Kayda: "I can't wait until we get back to the ship tonight" Kayda said. It would be nice to get back home, after the surprises of today she couldn't wait to get to bed. "It's going to be nice going to bed" Kayda said absentmindedly and twirled one of her locks around her finger. She also realized another thing as they sat there on the sofa, was she getting forgetful, was that a symptom of marriage? She shook her head.