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Mundane Virtues
Name Cost Summary
A Heroes death +1 When you are about to die, you may make a last show of it.
A piece of the puzzle +1 The character KNOWS there are things out there. Mulder per example. Or ... crazy people.
Acute hearing +1 You have a very keen hearing.
Affinity +1 Lowers the cost multiplier of a skill by one
Alternate identity +1 to +5 You have a fake identity.
Ambidextrous +1 You are ambidextrous, you can use both hands equally well.
Animal friendship +1, +2 Animals like you and seldom harm you. / Animals love you and will NEVER harm you.
Anonymous +1 or +2 You tend to slip peoples mind.
Artful visionary +2 You have a easy time creating and for expressing yourself
Blessing of Venus +1 Members of the opposite sex are attracted to you.
Book worm +4 You have an affinity when it comes to learning theoretical stuff
Broad education +2 You have a broad education and know a little about everything
Calming Presence 2 You have a calming presence aroun you.
Careful Formulaic Caster +2 +10 to CT when taking an extra minute to cast.
Catlike Balance +2 You have a perfect sense of balance.
Cautious with (skill) +1 or +2 When botching you tend to not botch so spectacular.
Clear thinker +1 You are more likely to see through lies and subterfuge
Concentration +1 You are not easily distracted.
Decorated +1, +2, +3 Gains a +3, +6 or +9 to all social rolls dealing with military personel.
Devil's Silver Tongue +4 You can never botch on Speech rolls.
Dexterius hands +1 or +2 You have very agile hands.
Direction Sense +2 The Character has a inate knowledge of WHERE he is unless he has been taken there unconscious.
Doctors Bag +1 Helps with Medicine rolls
Educated +1 to +5 Gives you more experience / year.
Enchanting voice +2 There is something about your voice others can't ignore
Exotic Looks +1 Your looks are exotic and/or extreme
Fast Runner +1 Adds 15% movement speed.
Good Reputation +1 to +5 For some reason people expect good things from you.
Handsome +1 to +3 Something about your look is strikingly good
Harmless +1 You are percieved as a non-threat to others.
High Ceremonial Casting +5 Very stylized and powerful casting of ordinary spells
Improved initiative +1 to +4 You act faster then others
Increased Stat +2/level You get to increase one of your stats.
Intuition +1 You have a gut feeling to rely on.
Inventive Genius Variable You get extra stressdices when inventing stuff.
Iron Belly +1 You can eat food most people would consider spoiled with no ill effects.
Iron Will +3 Gives you +2 in Will
Iron stamina +1 You can ignore pain and fatigue better then others
Jack-of-all-trades +2 Given a little time you can do most things without penalty.
Keen Eyes +1 You have very sharp eyes
Knack +1 or +2 Gives a bonus for a skill, basically you have an instinct for it.
Large +2 You are large, add +1 to your size.
Learn from mistakes +3 You learn from your mistakes
Legendary Artifact +4 to +8 You have a an artifact of great power in your possession.
Light sleeper +1 You are quick to get fully awake and easily woken
Lightning reflexes +1 You act really fast when suprised
Lithe +2 You are small, but quick and agile.
Long winded +1 You can exhert yourself longer then others
Luck +3 You are born lucky.
Lucky Charm +2 Possesses an item that gives a bonus to certain rolls / skills.
Mentor +1/Level You have a mentor
Muse +1 You are, or will become, a source of inspiration.
Natural born leader +2 You were born to lead, you instill courage and trust to those close to you.
Natural linguist +1 or +2 You count your language skills as one or two steps higher then they are
Noble +2 to +6 You are of a noble lineage
Obsessive savant +2 You have a particular fixation that drives your existense
Prophecy +3 Virtue You have a prophecy hanging over you, for better or worse
Puissant Skill +4 A secondary skill that is added to the first skill.
Quick Learner +2 You learn faster than most
Read lips +1 You have learned how to read lips.
Resistant to Disease +2 All your saves to resist Diseases are doubled.
Rich +1/ Level You have more money than most
Sixth sense +3 You have the uncanny ability to react to an attack that you are unaware off.
Sound constitution +1 to +3 You recover faster and survive more injuries.
Status +1/ level of influence Your family has some sort of status.
Steadfast +2 Lets you take a six instead of rolling.
Strong presence +1 or +2 You stand out in a crowd in a positive manner
Style +1 This virtue gives you the skill Style, used to make things look dashingly even if you fail
Teacher +1 You have a knack for teaching. +4 to your skill for teaching calculations.
The Gentle Gift +2 You have a more gentle form of the art of magic
Tinkerer +3 1.5xroll
Versatile sleeper +1 You have a knack for sleeping everywhere at any time.
Visual eidetic memory +2 You remember what you see very good.
Magus Virtues
Name Cost Summary
Careful Formulaic Caster +2 +10 to CT when taking an extra minute to cast.
High Ceremonial Casting +5 Very stylized and powerful casting of ordinary spells
The Gentle Gift +2 You have a more gentle form of the art of magic
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Vampiric Virtues
Name Cost Summary
Blush of health +2 You look quite alive for a vampyre
Calm heart +3 You are hard to frenzy
Controlled thirst +1 Your thirst for human blood is dulled
Debt of gratitude +1 to +3 You have someone that stands in your debt
Eat food +1 You can consume food, though not digest it
Efficient digestion +3 You are able to draw out more nourishment from blood then normal
Light sleeper (V:tM) +2 You are fast to awake when in danger
Magic resistance +2 Gives you the skill Parma Magica
Mark of pure blood +2 You have a mark that carries some status
Medium +2 You posess the ability to sense ghosts, shades and suchlike
Oracular ability +3 You can see an interpret signs and omens.
Prestigious sire +1 Your sire has/had great respect in his/her clan/sect
Spirit mentor +3 You have a ghostly companion and guide.
Time sense +1 You have a perfect sense of time
Trained scent +2 You can smell if blood appeals or repels
Unbondable +3 You are immune to blood bond
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